Monday, March 29, 2010

Bella in Bed with Edward

I think it is the same sweater as this scene with Charlie
Sweater: Thanks to Geena

The Brand is called Inhabit
Inhabit Cardigan Cotton Button Sweater
sold by:
Thank you to Courtney for sending me this picture
my best guess is this Rubbish Ribbed Tank

Thanks to Glittergal
American Eagle Artist Jeans in Bright Medium Wash
You can buy Bella's Bedding online at Target


  1. This is by J Crew. I can't find it tho...The costume designer stated that is was a J Crew cashmere in a recent interview tho

  2. Actually the cashmere sweater she was referring to is from the scene where Bella and Edward are standing in the meadow and she has the light colored cardigan on. Its also most well known for showing Bella's engagement ring. Its still available here. The color Bella is wearing is called winter wheat.

  3. Oh really?! That helps. The pic they had next to the article section was from this scene, not the meadow! That explains why I couldn't find it!!

  4. Do you happen to have a picture of the sweater? I don't think its available anymore. If you do could you email it to me?

    thank you very much

  5. I really really want the cardigan in this picture. Does anyone know where I can get it?

  6. Does anyone know who makes the white ribbed shirt Bella is wearing underneath the sweater? It's sooooooooo cute!

  7. For the first picture - "Tish says Kristen is in a cashmere sweater from J Crew and J Brand Jeans. Rob is "probably wearing" a Banana Republic shirt." from Twilight Blog (

  8. I really really want the white ribbed shirt Bella has on in the third pic!!!! lemme know where it might be pleasE???

  9. not exact but something similiar to the white ribbed is this papaya singlet on ebay -
    image @!Bp8+v7QB2k~$(KGrHqMOKikEu,i2MlG1BLtlwI7o4Q~~_3.JPG

  10. I "think" I found the tank. If you take away the yellow ribbing it is identical. This is a tank by Hollister.

  11. what color is bellas room? please let me know asap

  12. the AE Cable Knit Cardigan Jacket is similar to the one she has on - check out picture on 9th nov @
    there is also an etsy knitter who is has knitted a similar bella eclipse inspired cardi @

  13. The sweater is by Inhabit. I found it on ebay, it's exact:

    I posted more pics on CS comments. Will make a spot soon.

  14. I want the conforter but target doesn't send in France !