Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emily and Sam

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Jessica, Eric, Angela, and Mike

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My guess is that they are staring at the Edward-Jacob confrontation

Bella and Edward News about Seattle

Bottom Tank:
Thanks to jolieaixchel
 Thanks to LorilieJames
Sweater: Thanks to Geena

The Brand is called Inhabit
Inhabit Cardigan Cotton Button Sweater
sold by:

Thank you to Courtney for sending me this picture

Alice trying to figure out who has been in Bella's house

Thanks to Sarah E.
This top is similar in design

Bella Camping in the Snow

Huge Spoilers for this post, and well for all of my posts really.

Also see this post:
For the trip up to the campsite and sleeping in the tent

I was going through old New Moon posts and found this top
Thanks to Amy for sending me pictures of her shirt she got from Eddie Bauer, this looks very close if not exact
"Plaid Western Shirt" Color: "Spruce"



Edward, Bella, and Jacob at the Border

This jacket is also worn when Bella is sleeping in the tent

Thanks to jolieaixchel is the Lole Amazone 2 Jacket

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Form to get notified when they restock it: (in Redwood)

Thanks to Marybeth