Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bella and Edward in the Meadow Ending Scene


Thanks to LorilieJames it is a Featherweight Cashmere J Crew Sweater in Pale Nectar

 The closest ones I could find are the ones in light citron
Thanks to Nicole
I screen-shot the website to make it easier for everyone to find it.

Bella and Edward in the Cafeteria and Police Station

Thanks to memtree
 Splendid Vintage Whisper 3/4 Sleeve Henley in Lead
 Thanks to Littlegreekchic

Undershirt options

Thanks to memtree
Hollister Laguna Skinny Stretch Jeans in Grey

Alice training to fight newborns with Jasper

Coming Soon


Leah at the Bombfire

Thanks to littlegreekchic|1&N=43+26+1352&NUM=96

Angela in Bella's Room

I can't really tell what shirt this is until I have a better image. It is difficult to see what is on her t-shirt.

Bella with Jacob at the Werewolf Bombfire

Coming Soon