Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bella and Edward in the Meadow Ending Scene


Thanks to LorilieJames it is a Featherweight Cashmere J Crew Sweater in Pale Nectar

 The closest ones I could find are the ones in light citron
Thanks to Nicole
I screen-shot the website to make it easier for everyone to find it.


  1. For all the Dutch people out there:
    It also looks like a vest sold by H&M. Can't get a direct link, because the online shop is weird like that.
    but if you go to this link:
    it's the last vest on the first page in yellow.

  2. =) cool then H&M stores in canada should have one slightly smiliar too it then! =)

  3. (new emailaccount, still nienna here) Oh, I found a way to the link.
    here it is: (and then it's the one in yellow of course, not the blue one ;))

  4. heres a similar one for a cheaper price:

  5. The cardigan is the J Crew Featherweight Cardigan. They no longer sell it. It is the peach color I believe but I don't remember the exact name.You can check the CS page for info on that as well.