Thursday, June 17, 2010

Edward, Bella, and Jacob at the Border

This jacket is also worn when Bella is sleeping in the tent

Thanks to jolieaixchel is the Lole Amazone 2 Jacket

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Form to get notified when they restock it: (in Redwood)

Thanks to Marybeth


  1. Does anyone know where we could buy this jacket? I really like it.

  2. Here is a similar jacket from REI:

    Looks like the same material and there are seams on the elbows. The crown purple is a similar color as well :)

  3. Thanks Marybeth for the research. Enjoy the movie!!!

  4. I read this is a lole shell jacket in burgandy if anyone finds it please post!!

  5. They only made about 30 of this specific color Lole jacket back in 2009. The company has the same style jacket in other colors but not the one Bella wears.

  6. Hey just read they are rereleasing this jacket at lole in september and you can preorder now color is redwood.