Monday, March 29, 2010

Cullen Training

Coming Soon


  1. I love Rosalie's outfit in this scene. The riding boots are awesome!

  2. I love rosalie's outfit too! Any ideas?

  3. ditto for rosalie....i NEED THIS OUTFIT!!

  4. ok Here is the info on Rosalies hoodie! please email and help us get it rereleased!!!
    Ok girls after emailing back and forth with a rep at Artrizia they confirmed with me that the hoodie Rosalie and Elena wear is the same hoodie and is their brand Talula. Its from a few seasons ago and they are totally out of stock. She even checked the warehouse for me and nothing :P Good news is she said if they get enough demand for it they very well may bring it back :) I got responses from them through their FB page so message them there and to the CS email. Here is exactly what she said:
    "We don't have any left over in the warehouse, unfortunately. However, if you get enough people to request it, you never know ... there could be a chance it would be brought back!"

    So lets get on them! They were so great about the TNA jacket I really think they will bring this back too :) Here is their FB page:!/pages/Aritzia/41881016652?ref=ts

    CS Email: