Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bella in Edward's New Bed the night before the battle

Images were leaked for this scene but they are not official yet so I'm not putting them up because they will just be taken down. I will however look for the clothing. 
The plaid:
Thanks to Alekonna
Hollister Checked Shirt 2009

Thanks to raleyalexis
Used to be for sale
3.1 Phillip Lim Plaid cotton-blend shirt

Thanks to joilieaixchel for the idea of it being a shirt from Gap's 2009 Holiday Collection.  After going through Gap ads this is what I found. It is no longer for sale at but you might be able to find it on sale at your local store.
 Thanks to ezragolightly 
Thanks to Tama 
 Thanks to Tama,patterns%20similar 
Edward's Bedroom:


  1. :D thanks for posting this!! :D i'll see if i can help find some stuff, im still looking for the comforter =) thanks again!

  2. Thanks Tama, it is very much appreciated.

  3. here are some - colours off,patterns similar - colours a bit darker but close!

  4. I found one at Forever 21 under the Fabulous Finds...
    Product # 2068659873 Color is Navy/Red

    Hope this helps!

  5. i think this shirt was from the 2009 holiday collection at gap, i swear i saw this top in the ads!!!

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  7. the shirt is by phillip lim 3.1
    it's no longer being sold though. here's the link.

  8. u.u wow..thats an expensive shirt >.< ... hopefuly when the trailer and more stills come out, we can get other clothes :p, it was filmed here in vancouver so.. im guessing AE/American Appearal and other stores where used ..shouldnt be too hard! =)

  9. The shirt has been identified as being a Hollister plaid from their Fall 2009 collection. You can find pictures on Coolspotters. It is NOT Phillip Lim. :o)

  10. It is definitely the Hollister plaid. If you look at the first photo you can see a pocket on Bella's right side and on the Phillip Lim it only has a pocket on the left side.

  11. anyone know here i can get the bedding?