Monday, March 29, 2010


Still looking but here are some alternative options:

Cullen Training

Coming Soon

The Cullens in the Woods Fighting the newborns and Volturi


Coming Soon, I think this is the scene with the Volturi

Alice's Jacket:
Rosalie's Jacket:
Jasper's Jacket:

Bella Camping with Edward and Jacob and after the Battle

Thanks to Geena[]=tags&includes[]=title

Thanks to Rachel you can also knit the hat with this pattern:

Jacket: thanks to jolieaixchel is the Lole Amazone 2 Jacket

You can sign up to get notified when this jacket comes on sale again

Form to get notified when they restock it: (in Redwood)

Bella's Graduation Party

Coming Soon

Eclipse Poster

Hollister Laguna Skinny Stretch Jeans in Grey
Keds Women's Champion Sneaker in Navy

Alice at School

Thanks to Anjali on Coolspotters:
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Pansy-Print Dress

Bella in Bed with Edward

I think it is the same sweater as this scene with Charlie
Sweater: Thanks to Geena

The Brand is called Inhabit
Inhabit Cardigan Cotton Button Sweater
sold by:
Thank you to Courtney for sending me this picture
my best guess is this Rubbish Ribbed Tank

Thanks to Glittergal
American Eagle Artist Jeans in Bright Medium Wash
You can buy Bella's Bedding online at Target

Bella's Blue Hooded Top

Thanks to Geena it is a Billabong Freemont Thermal top
On ebay right now there is one being sold in white, I cannot find it in Bella's Maroon color
It almost seems like she is wearing this same top under her jacket.  It just looks blue with yellow detail in this image